Heya! Introductions are hard, we can get right to it.

I’m Bence Nagy. I usually go by ‘underyx’ online. Currently working on Semgrep. Specifically, I’m finding non-bullshit ways to integrate AI into our product.

I keep getting lost in trying new things. But a couple interests that have stayed with me for a longer time are rationality, video games, and design.

I do also have a request for you, dear reader: please contact me with whatever problem you’re facing right now. Even if you think I cannot help with it. The harder, the better. Seriously, I love difficult problems. Thank you!

bence.dev’s color scheme

The colors on this site change every morning based on my biometric data. A better night’s sleep makes the colors happier, and more activity the previous day makes the colors livelier. Here’s what the background color means (today’s color is highlighted):

High Medium Low